Thunder Mountain



One ride that's become less popular in the UK in more modern times is the dark coaster. There was a time when taking a compact coaster and enclosing it in a themed building was one of the main options for a stand out attraction. Today parks have a lot more options available, and stricter health and safety rules for enclosed rides probably don't help either.

From the outside Flamingo Land's one looked pretty good, with a rocky facade. Where it lacked though was in attention to detail, consisting of just a rocky building and sign, no extra models on or around the mountain to expand the story.

Sadly this was replicated in the queue, which was just a dully lit tunnel. Things weren't helped by the fact it narrowed towards the end which resulted in a slow moving crowded feeling queue.

You'd be forgiven for having low expectations of the ride after this, and it didn't disappoint. It wasn't terrible, but the coaster itself was an average affair, (an outdoor copy called the Wildcat was found at Pleasureland Southport) providing an OK level of thrills, but never reaching that high. This issue wasn't helped by some poor interior theming. Instead it continued the feel of the queue, being a dimly lit undecorated room.

I'm a fan of enclosed coasters, but I didn't morn the loss of this one when it closed after 13 years at the park in 2004. Especially as the space that became free was used to accommodate Velocity.

Old Review: 7

This isn't too bad a ride, with a track with a rickety feel. You move along at a fair speed, meaning you feel the full effect of the dips. The lighting is just about right to create tension, although the lack of any theming or lighting effects feels like a missed opportunity. A rickety, tense but fun experience.