Toad Hole



My main memory of this ride is queuing for ages, doing all 20 seconds of the ride, and someone complaining they thought there'd be more of it. When asked how they thought this was possible given the rides mechanism they said they thought it would go around inside first. Having been back, now I'm older and seen the hill being much smaller than I remember this idea seems even less plausible.
What was this ride then? If you've been to Wicksteed park and ridden the water chute you'll have a good idea. You got in the boat at the top station, the boat rolled down the track, splashing into the lake below. From there a rope attached to the back of the boat back to a docking area where you got off the boat. The boat was then pulled by the rope back up to the loading station.
To be honest it was one of the weakest splash boats or water chutes I've done. It didn't create much of a splash, or out of control sensation, and the drop wasn't much in terms of excitement or thrills. Even in the 90's when I rode this it was old news, with several other parks having recently having installed log flumes with longer circuits and better drops.
I was surprised to read that the ride lasted until 2006, as I assumed the outdated feel and low capacity would have seen it close earlier. If you are interested for nostalgic reasons a lot of the ride still remains in place, with the waterfall being used as decoration next to the parks Ferris wheel.