Trauma Towers



Next to the Wild Mouse and Impossible is a large plaza, with a large building at the back. There was a time when that was the entrance to what I would currently rate as the best dark ride I've done at the Pleasure Beach.

Like Impossible it was the result of merging 2 attractions together. I remember doing the first part before it became part of Trauma Towers. This consisted of a walk around a spookily themed hotel. You walked around various rooms viewing spooky models of the hotel's residents.

The new addition was the inclusion of one of the Pleasure Beach's old fairground rides called a tagada. This consisted of a large bowl, tilted at an angle, where you sat around the edge. The bowl span around and also did a jumping motion, tipping the bowl temporarily at another angle. For the Trauma Towers makeover it was placed in a large spooky room with models and effects that operated during the ride. The most notable decoration was on the bowl itself, that had a sťance table in the middle. Both parts were nice rides, but together it was a brilliant package.

Like Noah's Ark the management cited health and safety concerns when closing the ride, and like Noah's Ark I also think the rides popularity was a factor. Unlike Noah's Ark, the low number of riders isn't easy to explain. I reckon it's position in a quieter area of the park, at the back of the plaza, away from the main path was a big factor, as many people just walked past it. It's a shame really, as given the popularity of the parks Ghost Train, with a bit of promotion, and maybe an extra ride or two in the area around it, it could be a popular attraction, instead of an unused space.

Old Review: 8

This has to Blackpool's answer to Hex. It's a spooky ride that finished with a family style thrill ride at the end. The first part is a walkthrough area based on the theme of a haunted hotel. It does create a good creepy atmosphere as you walk round it. It's done well with you walking past models as well as through spookily themed rooms. The walkthrough also has some doors, which is a simple idea, but adds to the creepy atmosphere due to the uncertainty of what's on the other side.
After the walkthrough you come to the final section. In it you sit on a large circular platform with a themed sťance table in the middle. The platform then spins round while tilted at an angle, while various models light up round the room.
I think the final section is quite a good fun idea. There are a few improvements which could be made, such as hiding the operators area better, and it would help if there where a few more moving animatronics models, but that's just analysing it on how to make a great ride better, not pointing out any major flaws.
The bigger question has to be which is better, this or Hex? Personally I prefer this one, as it creates a creepier atmosphere, and I think the final section is more fun. However I have the feeling some people will disagree with me on this, and prefer Hex. The bottom line though has to be both are great rides and should be on your to do list when you visit the park.