Treasure Island Railway



I apologise if I'm a bit vague about this ride, but it was built in 1983, and lasted until 1993, so I was very young when I rode it. It's very reminiscent of Thorpe Parks early days when it had a lot of exhibition style attractions. It's also the first ride I ever did that featured live actors.

It took place on a large island at the top edge of the lake, currently part of a land reclaim project for a future expansion. You rode around on a miniature railway, that followed a large loop of the island. Around the island were various bits of scenery keeping in with the Treasure Island theme. I remember there was a small cave, where one of the costumed actors leered at you as you went past, and towards the end of the ride you passed through the centre of a giant pirate ship.

What made the ride unusual though was there were a number of parts where the train would stop, and the actors came towards the train providing some fun entertainment for most, although at my young age I found things a little scary.

I don't know exactly why it closed, although  considering the park had been adding more traditional rides, concentrated in a more centralised area it's not too hard to speculate on a reason why, especially when you consider what it would have cost for all the actors needed. Shame it's not still around though, as I reckon it would be a great ride to makeover on the Halloween Fright Nights.