The Water Chute



Currently the space next to Valhalla is just used for storage, but there was a time when it had a ride that dated back to 1979. It was the water chute, one of the earliest examples of a water ride, the pre cursor of today's modern flume rides.
It was a simple ride with a simple oval layout. It consisted of a hill lift, after which you'd do a u-turn in to the drop. The drop consisted of running along a track that went in to the water creating a splash, followed by a small upwards section. The upwards section is the cause of some debate, on whether it counts as a roller coaster or not. I personally would class the upwards part as a roller coaster element, and would say enough of the ride is based around a roller coaster element for it to count.

It didn't hold up that well compared to more modern flume rides, but it was still a nice ride, and I'm glad I got a chance to ride an example of a historic ride before they all went. In the end the rides low popularity, that would have been hard to turn around, meant it's days ended in 2003.

There are currently no other examples about, but the Save Dreamland project has a water chute from another park in storage, that hopefully will be resurrected as part of the save Dreamland project, so people can continue to experience this piece of history.

Old Review: 6

Situated next to Valhalla is this ride, which has also been give a bit of a Viking theme around the station area. It's the closest Blackpool has to a themed area, unless you count Beaver Creek.
There isn't really much to this ride. It consists of just one drop into a pool of water, where you don't usually get very wet. It's not a bad ride, but as a standard 1 drop ride there's not much to make it particularly memorable.