Whirlwind was at Camelot from 2003, to the parks final year 2012. It was then sold to Skyline Park in Germany, where it opened in 2013 under the name Sky Spin.

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If you've travelled around some of the UK's major parks chances are you'll recognise some elements of this ride. It's a Maurer spinning coaster, just like Dragon's Fury at Chessington and Spinball Whizzer at Alton Towers. If you've travelled further afield you might even recognise the layout, as it's the pre designed compact footprint version found at a number of parks, and even travelling funfairs in Europe. It's also the layout for the non dark ride section of Crush's Coaster at Disneyland, Paris.
You might think all this familiarity might have breeded some contempt. Far from it, I still rank the Maurer spinner as one of my favourite types of coaster. To look at, it's far from the best example of the genre. It looks pretty shabby, with fading paintwork and tacked on signs and decorations. It could do with a makeover to bring it up to standard.
Poor aesthetics though aren't enough to bring down the ride experience. It's not quite up to the standards of some of the great custom layouts like Dragon's Fury, but for a ride designed to travel and fit in a compact space it really packs a punch, even beating it's nearby rival Spinball Whizzer for thrills. It tears around the course at a manic rate, which when accompanied by spinning cars on an unpredictable layout create a manic and unpredictable experience. It does say something about the quality of Maurer spinners that a ride down the pecking order, compared to the greatest examples, is still a must try ride.