Wild Mouse



The Wild Mouse was at Flamingo Land from 1997 to 2012. It was removed to make space for 2 new rides for the 2013 season.

Old Review: 7

A classic roller coaster. It has a large number of U-turns where it almost looks like your going over the edge of the track. It then takes you around a variety of dips and turns. It's not the most exciting ride out there, but it's good fun. It's like the classic fish and chips, that you keep enjoying even when there's a sirloin steak available. A classic ride that hasn't lost it's charm.

Old Review: 7

It's a rare occurrence that I'll suggest something in a review, and it happens. Last time I visited I said the ride needed a makeover to fit in with the theme of the Metropolis area. Well thanks to a new paintjob (I've still only got photos of the old one so they're out of date) and new cars it now fits in to the area.
It may seem like a themed version of a pretty standard coaster at first glance, which you could dismiss as behind the times  with it's lack of spinning cars. It's true it has a feeling of being from a past decade, but that's not to say everything was worse back then.
One of the hi-lights of the ride has to be the first drop. It's only a small one of about a metre, but it goes strait in to a 90 degree turn, where it does create the illusion for a split second that the car is going to run over the edge, an illusion that just isn't carried off on the more modern versions of this ride.
It does a good job on the rest of the ride as well. Although the perception of speed never reaches more than a medium level it hits all the u-turns, drops and bumps at a good rate. Another hi-light of the ride has to be a point where it hits a u-turn, then goes strait in to another 90 degree turn, then strait in to a drop. It's a ferocity of track design you don't get on the more measured designs of a lot of modern wild mice.
This ride may not be the most modern, but it has a fair amount to offer, thanks to the makeover with the theming it fits in well as part of Flamingo Lands line up and and hopefully will continue to provide good family thrills for years to come.